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Aftermarket Backup Camera Wiring Diagram - This is the Routing Stock Backup Camera Image To Aftermarket Nav Display of a image I get via the Honda Accord Backup Camera Wiring Diagram package. You can save this pic file to your own laptop. Please right click on the image and save the picture. We also have some more graphics associated to Honda Accord Backup Camera Wiring Diagram, please see the image gallery. • Refer to the wiring diagram and connect the wires from aftermarket radio main harness to the GM3 T-harness and match the wire functions. STEP 2 • If the vehicle is equipped with an OEM backup camera, connect the backup camera harness to the Human Machine Interface module harness, located at the bottom of the radio cavity.. Dec 08, 2017  · Installing rear view camera on base polaris slingshot forum backup camera wiring diagram schematic pinout of 2nd reversing camera connector problems wrg 0704 polaris reverse camera wiring diagram Installing Rear View Camera On Base Polaris Slingshot Forum Backup Camera Wiring Diagram Schematic Pinout Of 2nd Reversing Camera Connector Problems Wrg 0704 Polaris Reverse Camera Wiring Diagram.

Aug 04, 2018  · Camera ground wire goes to car body (ground). You need to draw + power from the reverse light to power the camera (camera + red wire). You also need to trigger the head unit to switch to the backup camera display, you do this by connecting the reverse wire on the head unit to the reverse light + wire.. Sep 28, 2018  · I can't find which wire is the accessory feed which then stays on after the key is switched off until a door is opened. The 6 pin connector has a key on wire which I am using for now. There are 2 issues with backup camera wiring:. How To Install A Backup Camera On A Ford F150. F-150 backup mirror kit CS-FTR-F35. This kit will only work with trucks with an existing 16-pin mirror connector. Installing The Camera Wiring Step 18. Insert yellow and black video wires into connector: yellow to pin 8 and black to pin 16. Replace the terminal lock..

Oct 13, 2017  · So, I am living proof that an aftermarket head unit can be attached to the factory amp/speakers/and backup camera. You have to splice an RCA jack into the wiring like Drunken Swagger said earlier, and this whole job was not fun or easy. But it can be done, and it sounds and looks good. I'll try and attach some photos, as proof it really happened!. Backup camera wiring? - Back up camera wiring? I have a 12 Camry Hybrid LE. I installed the otocam3. I've searched all the threads on backup camera wiring and can not find my answer. How do I properly wire this backup camera? The otocam3 has a Reverse trigger wire on the HU, what connects to it? I'. Apr 05, 2014  · I am installing a back up camera and need to pick up the the green wire for the reverse gear/light in the FRONT of the vehicle. I am trying to avoid running the wire all the way back to the reverse lights from the new head unit..

Oct 28, 2017  · I am not clear how the wiring is supposed to hook up for The Back-up Camera. I know there is a wire near the camera that hooks into the rear light. But what about the wire on the back of the head unit for the backup camera? Does it. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1009-6503 6-29-16.Docx Page 3 of 10 15. 10. Route the gray Camera Harness connector and wiring through tailgate and install supplied handle using a 8mm Socket with the existing hardware. 11. Reinstall handle bolts. 12. Route the supplied Camera Harness through the pass-through hole in the inner brace of the tailgate. 13.. Some Touaregs with RNS850 navigation system does not come with OEM reverse review camera when you buy the car, but you can add this aftermarket tailgate handle reverse view camera. Then you will get the reverse view image on the screen just like an OEM parking radar system. You will cost only a little money instead of US$1000 for an OEM backup camera..

Jul 07, 2011  · Backup camera (factory install) Does anyone have a diagram which shows the backup cam wiring for a 2010. There must be some sort of junction box somewhere in the back. I can't imagine that if someone replaced the hatch door they would have to route a cable all the way to the front display. Aftermarket Backup Camera Installation. The. Oct 01, 2007  · Ok, so this is what I've found. I've posted pics of the back-up camera wiring diagram and the connector pinouts. If you compare these pinouts with the connector pinouts posted HERE you'll notice pins 3,4,5 on connector C3 are empty. So in theory, the MyGIG in the Nitro may be capable of the back-up camera. Got my backup camera and LCD.

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